Bakegyamon (TV 1-51 end) DVD
Written by ximin   
Friday, 12 December 2008
Title Name
: Bakegyamon 妖逆門 
No. Of Disc :  7DVD (51 Episodes)
Version : Japanese / Malay
Subtitles  : Chinese / English / Malay
Barcode  : 9555329102467
Item Code : VBG 0011
Selling Price : RM 99.90
Format  : DVD
Genre : Action, Fantasy
Every 40 years, there will be a Gathering of Human Kids, whom will take part in an mysterious Game "Bakegyamon", created by the Hell Master. There is a rumour... when the final winner emerges, the child will receive a wish.

Because of that Rumour, lots of Active Kids, will like to start an Expedition! What will happen to them, in this mysterious game?



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