Danball Senki (TV 1-44End) DVD
Written by ximin   
Monday, 07 July 2014
Title Name

: Danball Senki 紙箱戰機/弹波战机

No. Of Disc : 2 DVD (44 Episodes) 
Version : Japanese/ Cantonese
Subtitles  : Chinese / English / Malay
Barcode  :9555329104621
Item Code : VBG 0224
Selling Price : RM39.90
Format  : DVD9
Genre : Action, Science fiction
Danball Senki tells the story of a world where kids battle one another using little robot figures called LBX (Little Battler eXperience). Yamano Ban, a young boy who desires to become an LBX Fighter like his friends, is forbidden by his mother from owning an LBX as his father was taken from them in an accident relating to LBX years ago. One day a mysterious woman approaches Ban with a suitcase and tells him the hopes and fears of humanity lie inside it, and when Ban opens it, he finds a strange new LBX Robot. He is soon attacked by organizations who want the data inside this robot, and Ban and his friends are dragged into a corporation war that spreads all the way up to the highest political positions of power in Japan, and the true origins behind LBX Battling which could change the entire political structure of Japan.

2050 年時,在強化紙箱中以被稱為LBX的小型戰鬥機器人進行對戰的比賽已化為一股熱潮。主角山野阪也是熱衷於LBX對戰的一人,一如往常般瞞著家人在外玩著的 某日,被一位神秘的女性託付了一台超高性能的LBX「AX-00」。以此為契機,阪逐漸被捲入了即將發生的大起事件之中。